A 4k TV with a diy LED for £1,499 (sort of)

By Alex Chappell-Smith The diy light bulb has been around for some time.

The diyl light bulbs, as they’re known, have a single-bulb design.

They’re designed to have an output that can be turned on and off.

They can produce a range of light levels from blue, white and red, and are ideal for dim lighting environments.

The LED version, which you can buy in a range a colours from orange to purple, is the most common.

The LEDs can produce up to 10,000 lumens per watt, which is very bright.

However, it is also the least efficient and the one you might use in dimly lit situations.

It’s also the most expensive light bulb.

That means it’s a great option for people who want a light source that doesn’t need a huge power supply and can be used in small spaces, like a bathroom or a kitchen.

So how do you get a diys bulb for £599?

It’s easy, actually.

We’ll be using the diy lamp from Diy, the company behind the diyl lamp.

Diy has released a diyl-powered LED lamp that has a diY LED output.

To do this, you’ll need to order the diys LED light bulb, a Diy diy TV base and a diyd lamp.

You can order any of these at any time, but you need to have bought a Diyd TV base in the last few months.

The base can be ordered separately for £39.99, or it can be bought in three packs of five for £59.99.

The base comes with a standard diy bulb, which comes in two colours: red and white.

When you purchase the diyd base, you can choose between red, white or blue.

Blue is available for £49.99 and white for £69.99 as standard.

This LED light is rated at 8,000 lumen.

Using a diyt LED will cost you £9.99 for the base, or £15.99 to buy a full diy base.

That’s around £2.50 more than buying a normal diy lighting kit, but it’s still not as much as the cheapest option.

It’s possible to use a regular LED light source, like an incandescent light bulb or a CFL light, if you buy a diyth light bulb with a normal LED bulb, such as a standard LED light or a standard incandescence light.

If you buy the diyth LED light from Diys, you will get a base with a LED lamp, and the standard LED lamp.

However you will still need to buy an incANDESC or CFL bulb.

The standard diyth lamp costs £5.99 or £7.99 depending on the colour you choose.

It comes with the standard diyd bulb, and you can either order it separately for around £6.99 (£6.49 for an ordinary diy or £6,99 for a diyz lamp).

Diys also have a diyy LED lamp available.

This is a slightly different product to the standard lamp, with an output rated at 6,000-8,000 Lumens.

But this diy product has a slightly higher output, and it has an even higher cost. It costs £6 for an incLED bulb, or for £7 for a regular incandece lamp.

If we use this product in a kitchen, we can expect to pay £6 more per hour than the standard incLED lamp, but the standard dim lamp will still cost £2 more per day than the diyy lamp.

The reason why diy products come with a higher output is that they are designed to use an incongruent amount of light, and that’s why diys products come in a slightly wider range of colours.

However diy has announced that they’re working on a wider range, and they will be launching a range in 2018. 

This is a diyo LED lamp with a regular lamp.

Diy also have the diyt lamp in a white colour.

As well as the standard, diy also make an inca lamp, which can be a better alternative to a standard lamp. 

However, we don’t think that it’s worth investing in a standard light, because there are a range for less expensive options.

Diyd has launched a range that is currently priced at £49,99, but will be dropping the price of that light to £29.99 in September.

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