How to use Google Pixel XL for TV viewing

Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone, the Pixel XL, has finally arrived, and now we’re able to start using it to watch TV on the go.

You can use it to stream TV shows and movies to your TV and other devices using Chromecast, the company’s new set-top box for streaming content.

It also has a full-featured camera app that you can use to take still photos and videos.

However, the real star of the show is the lcd TV that is included in the box, which lets you take a look at your favorite shows, movies, and TV shows on your TV.

Google’s new box includes a lcd screen, but it also includes a Chromecast dongle that allows you to connect to a Chromecasting network for other devices that have Chromecast-enabled TVs.

For the Pixel and Pixel XL owners, it’s also possible to pair a Chromacast dongles with your Android TV device.

It’s not the only Android TV dongling you can get with the Pixel, either.

Amazon has a dongled version of its Alexa Dot, and it has been working in the Alexa app for quite some time.

There are also a few Google Home-branded donglers, including the Chromecast Mini, Chromecast Streaming Stick, and Chromecast Streamer.

You might not be able to use a dngle with your TV, but there are other ways to pair with your Amazon Echo Dot, the new Echo Dot Dot, or the Google Home Mini.

If you want to use an Android TV, you can pair with an Android Wear smartwatch.

There is no Android TV app for Apple TV, although the Roku app does support it.

If your Android phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network and you want a dlk cable, you’ll need a compatible dongler.

Google has already confirmed that it will add support for dlks with the next Android update.

We will be adding support for more devices and devices are coming in the near future.

It is a little early to tell if Google will be rolling out support for these donglings to other devices.

As we’ve mentioned, Google’s Android TV box is the only option to get Chromecast on Android phones, tablets, and other Android devices.

Google also announced plans to launch a Google TV app in the coming weeks.

If Chromecast does become a standard for Android TV devices, you will see apps for Apple TVs and Google TVs coming soon.

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