Patriots, Steelers and Packers have the best TV ratings in Week 4

The NFL has the best television ratings in the league this week.

In fact, the league had the best week of the year in terms of viewership, according to Nielsen.

The ratings were a little more disappointing for the Patriots.

The Patriots averaged 2.09 million viewers, but that is down nearly 30 percent from last year when the team averaged 3.26 million viewers.

The Packers averaged 2,957,000 viewers, down 35 percent from 2014 when they averaged 2 to 3 million viewers per game.

The Colts averaged 2 million viewers for their week 3 game against the Giants.

The Broncos had the second-best average of the week, averaging 2.5 million viewers with 1.6 million of that coming in from the ESPN app.

The Steelers averaged 2 and a half million viewers last week, down 20 percent from the year ago game.

The Cowboys averaged 2 a.m.

ET for their game against Green Bay, down 43 percent from a week ago.

The NFL’s best television rating comes from the first half of the season when the league averaged 1.9 million viewers and was down 30 percent in the second half of 2015.

The Broncos were in a strong position for a playoff spot.

The team is the only team in the AFC West to have not lost a playoff game.

In their first seven games, the Broncos averaged 1 million viewers or more.

The Titans averaged 1,622,000 people.

The Colts averaged 1


The Chargers averaged 1 and a. million people.

The AFC South had the most viewers this week, with the Jaguars averaging 2,534,000, up 42 percent from their first eight games last year.

The Texans averaged 2 1/2 million viewers in their Week 3 game at the Chargers.

The Chiefs had the worst week of Week 3.

The Falcons averaged 2 0/2.

The Eagles had the fewest viewers.

The Steelers were the only franchise in the NFL to have a negative year-over-year rating.

They averaged 1 1/3 million viewers down from 2 1 / 3 million last year, the worst year of their history.

The Browns and Jets had the biggest declines this week with ratings down 32 percent and 30 percent, respectively.

The Bengals were the second most-watched franchise this year.

The Cowboys had the smallest decrease of the NFL this week and are down 10 percent from 2.7 million viewers a year ago.

The Bears were down 28 percent.

The Titans had the third-best week of any franchise, averaging 1.79 million viewers (down from 1.93 million last season) for their Week 6 game against Buffalo.

The Raiders had the fourth-best viewership of any team.

The Dolphins averaged 2 3/4 million viewers over the week for their win over Tampa Bay.

The Seahawks had the seventh-best ratings for a Week 6 playoff game in NFL history.

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