Samsung’s new LCD TV calibration tool has a ton of features, but some problems

Samsung has released an app that lets you calibrate and view the colors of your LCD TV’s LED screen.

The app is called “lcdtv calibration,” and it uses an app called Lumos that was recently released by the company.

The Lumos app allows you to create a custom image using your favorite photo editing app, like the one Samsung offers on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7.

You can customize the colors to match the brightness of your display, or you can use your own image, which can be tweaked for specific viewing angles and brightness.

The software is free for Android users, but there are also paid options available.

Lumos is currently available for free for iOS users, as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

Here are the main features of Lumos.

The calibration tool can be used with your Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy S, or Galaxy S Edge smartphone, but it can also be used on your desktop or laptop computer.

You simply need to open the app and click the “calibrate” button.

You’ll then be able to choose which calibration modes you want to use.

Once you select a calibration mode, it will display the results in the Lumos interface.

You should then see a “calculate” message appear on your screen.

Lumo also supports custom images.

You could use your favorite image editor to create an image, and then you could select it in the menu to calibrate the device.

You don’t have to use a particular image for calibration, but you can add other photos, videos, and other things to the image to add some dimension to your display.

The application can also add custom effects like the red-and-blue colors you see in your screen, or the shape of the display.

Lumas calibration tool does support the use of third-party calibration software like Adobe Lightroom, which allows users to use their own photos or images to calibrations.

But you’ll need to install Lumos on your computer, which is not included in the free version of the app.

There are also separate paid versions for Android, Windows, and Mac.

If you’re wondering why Samsung is releasing this software, it’s because Lumos has been around since 2013.

That’s almost four years since Samsung released its first LCD TV set, the S6.

The S6 LCD TVs use Samsung’s proprietary LIDAR technology, which was first released in 2015.

Lumens display tech has evolved in other ways as well, including the ability to use high-resolution displays for gaming and other applications.

But the S7 and S7 Edge LCD TVs, which are both currently on sale, are still only available in limited markets.

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