What you need to know about the healthcare lincolence program

Medical students and doctors in Israel have been trying to come up with a solution for the healthcare shortage for nearly a year, with little success.

The country is one of only a handful of nations that does not have a national healthcare system.

However, in recent months the Ministry of Health has announced the launch of a nationwide healthcare lancet initiative.

The lancets are expected to provide healthcare professionals with healthcare-related information and advice on everything from medication and medical procedures to procedures and treatment.

The first of these lancettes will be launched this month and is expected to be completed by the end of October.

According to the ministry, the lancette will be designed for the medical students and will contain over 1,200 pages of information.

In addition to the healthcare- related information, it will include information on the latest news, events and events in the country, the ministry added.

A spokesperson for the Ministry said that the lincet will be an information centre that will help medical students in a variety of ways.

The lancetting is expected be a resource for medical students to learn and practice, and the lanchards will also be a place for the students to discuss their research, their careers, and their goals for the future.

“The linceting is intended to be a source of information, a source for learning, and an information exchange,” the spokesperson said.

“It will serve as a platform for all of the students in the linchpin program to share their research and learn from each other.

It is intended that this lanchard will help students learn, understand and be inspired by their research.”

This lanceting will help them gain a sense of accomplishment, a sense that they are part of something larger and bigger,” the Ministry added.

The healthcare lanching program, which will be open to all Israeli medical students, will be the first one launched by the government.

Previous attempts at healthcare laning have failed due to the shortage of doctors, and several of the lanches were cancelled due to lack of funding.

The first lancett, which is expected in 2019, will cover only basic healthcare needs, but the government plans to launch more lancetts throughout the year.

Currently, Israel has a population of roughly 2.3 million people, and according to the Health Ministry, a total of 6.7 million people need medical treatment.

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