How to get your hands on the new 65-inch Vizio TV, the first Vizio television in over a year, Axios reveals

When Vizio’s 65-incher finally launched last month, it was expected to take a few weeks to hit the market.

Instead, Vizio announced its new 65D, the company’s first 65-in-one TV, in less than a month.

The new 65 series comes with a new 5K HDR display, an improved OLED panel, and a higher-resolution TV tuner.

The 65D is a very big deal for Vizio.

For a company that sells TVs for $2,000, the 65D’s price tag comes in at more than $1,500, which makes it one of the most expensive TVs we’ve ever seen.

The 65D retails for $1.2 million, which is more than three times what we paid for the 65C when it launched last year.

We asked Vizio to explain why the company wanted to offer its 65 series at such a high price point.

Our initial questions to Vizio were: “Is this an exclusive?

Is it a product that Vizio has developed internally?

What’s the advantage of the 65?”

The company responded that the 65 series is only for the first time and will only be sold in Japan.

Vizio did not specify the pricing of the new TV, but we do know that the price tag will be around $1 million for the new model.

The first 65D TV was only available in Japan for the past few months, and we can only assume that Vizios new 65 models will be available in other markets soon.

The company said that the first 65C model will also be available for purchase in the U.S. at a $1-million price point for the same 55-inch size.

The Vizio 65D comes with an HDR display and the company says that it’s the world’s first HDR TV to achieve this.

The OLED panel is also a 65-degree display and is capable of HDR color reproduction at 60 frames per second.

We were able to test the new 55-inchers HDR display on a number of devices including the LG G4, LG G5, and the Vizio X3.

The new 65C also comes with the same 5K display as the 65DF, and there is also an improved TV tuners built-in.

The tuners will also offer a “satellite channel guide,” which Vizio said will give you a more accurate signal to your local antenna.

The TVs will also feature an “overlay,” which can be customized to suit your viewing preferences.

We did not test the TV’s TV tunER, but the company does say that the TV will also come with built-ins for other input devices like game controllers and USB ports.

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