When your favourite TV is the LG Smart TV –

LG TV 32, a 32-inch LG TV, will soon be available in the UK, with retailers starting to sell it in early March.

It has been dubbed the LG TV Lite, after the colour scheme.

It comes with a 1080p OLED screen and a 3D rear camera, which is also included.

LG has said that the TV Lite will cost £349, but it’s likely that will change as more retailers begin to stock the LG model.

It’s a solid option for anyone who wants to use their favourite TV, as it does not have a built-in webcam, and it has a 1080i display.

There are also other options out there, like the LG V30, which has a 4K display and a built in camera.

The LG TV lite will be available from the LG website in March, but a US store will start to stock it on the 28th March.

The UK price for the LG 32-in-1 is £349.

There is also the LG 30-inch TV, which will start shipping in February.

That’s £229 for the lite, £229.99 for the 30, and £399.99 on the 30.

There’s also a similar model for £349 on Amazon.

The LCL32, with the new LG TV logo, will be released in early April.

It will be priced at £549.99, with an option for an optional 30″ screen.

This will be the same price as the LG 22-in1, which ships in March.

In its place, LG will launch the LG 33-in 1 in April, with a £739.99 price tag.

We’re still waiting for the US launch of the LG 24-in, which comes in April.

The lite version will be offered in an LG store in March in the US, but there is no word yet if the UK version will arrive at a UK retailer in the same timeframe.

LG is still trying to determine the best time to launch its first 32-bit TV, and will likely be releasing more news on this in the coming months.

The latest LG TV news

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