Asda larceny: Larceny from Korea’s TV and radio stations reveals huge profits

A video camera in a TV set in the northern city of Lijiang is being used to record thefts from Korea-based television stations.

The device, known as the J-2, is being operated by an organisation called the Korean Radio and Television Broadcasting Association (KRTA).

The device, made by Korea’s Samsung TV, can record the movements of the TVs, radios and video cameras it can be connected to to identify any stolen items, according to the KRTA.

KRTA is part of the South Korea’s Ministry of Commerce.

The video cameras record images on a small display screen that can be seen through walls, windows and on the ground.

KRTAs members have been monitoring the security camera video feeds to identify stolen items.

A television camera in Lijiao, Liaoning province.

Photo by: Kim Jae-kyu via AP article In a statement on its website, the KRTA said the devices are meant for the purpose of recording the location of stolen items but it has not yet been determined who has the capability to take the devices from the KRTs property.

Korea’s KBS TV said in a statement that it has no record of any such device being used in the KR’s jurisdiction, while KTTV said that no device has been confiscated from its premises.

The television network added that the KRTB was not affiliated with any TV station and did not share any details with any media outlets.

The KRTB said it has a team of about 10 people working at its Lijian station to monitor the security cameras and take the appropriate action if necessary.

It said in an emailed statement to Al Jazeera that it was unable to confirm whether the devices were seized.

It is not clear if the device has the capacity to record the location or movements of stolen property from the station, it said.

The KRT said in its statement that KRT was not related to any TV network and did have no role in the station’s operation.

The news comes as police in the southern city of Changwon are investigating reports of burglaries at television stations in the city, according the Associated Press news agency.

The AP report said police officers have confiscated cameras from some of the stations and confiscated equipment from others.

Korean TV is also investigating the reported theft of equipment from a KBS station in Changwon.

Police said on Thursday they were still searching for the thief.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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