The Football Italian podcast – A podcast about football

A podcast in Italian is about as close as you can get to football in this country without it being an English-language version of Football Italy.

The show is not a true podcast in that it does not discuss football in any of the main way, but it does discuss it in a way that is entertaining and useful.

The topics covered include: the most important footballing stories of recent years, the players who make up the squad, the big transfers and rumours that are flying around the transfer market, the new players who are making the squad and the rumours surrounding players such as Juventus striker Mauro Icardi.

A big shoutout to our podcast co-host, Gianluca Scarponi, who is a journalist and also a football journalist in general, for his insight and expertise.

The show is available on iTunes and Stitcher, but you can also download it on Google Play.

As the show’s title suggests, the main aim of the show is to cover the latest news in the football world, and it is always a pleasure to get to know some of the players involved.

Gianlucos is a good guy and always keeps a positive attitude towards his guests.

As we have mentioned, the show aims to be an entertaining podcast and it does this by keeping things simple.

There are no jargon or technical jargon that will take you through the intricacies of the game.

The goal is to get the listeners interested and excited.

This is especially important in football circles as there is always the rumour mill that surrounds the sport and its players.

It is up to the listener to be sceptical about these rumours, and in the case of the footballing world, the rumours are usually exaggerated.

The shows objective is to be a guide for the uninitiated and the ones that are not familiar with football.

The podcast is not perfect, but I have to say that the quality of the guests is always there.

The hosts are very honest and the show always has something new and exciting to say.

It’s always fun to listen to.

As an added bonus, the podcast has a lot of content and a lot that you will not find anywhere else.

This makes it one of the best podcasts you can find.

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