What you need to know about a $5 million L.A. countertop TV countertop

Countertop TV counters have become a popular accessory for those who want to display or watch their favorite TV shows or movies on their dining room tables.

And now, the company that makes these countertops is expanding its line to include a countertop that is smaller than a TV.

The $5,000 TV counter top, dubbed the L.E.O. Lighthouse, will feature an LCD screen on a stand that sits on top of the countertop, according to the company.

“Lighthouse TV counters are a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your dining room table, or to add that classic TV experience without the need for expensive accessories,” Lighthouse says in a statement.

The Lighthouse TV counter tops have been on the market since October, and Lighthouse offers a variety of sizes, including countertops that can fit in a standard kitchen drawer, an oval countertop for small tables, and a standard countertop with an extra height.

The countertop is available in five sizes: the standard standard, oval, oval-shaped, and small.

It will cost $7,999, and the Lighthouse Lighthouse Countertop Kit will include a stand, four countertops, and an LCD TV.

You can order your Lighthouse countertop here.

The company has yet to say when the countertops will be available in stores.

Lighthouse has previously sold countertops to people who want the ability to display multiple TV channels at once.

The standard, small, and oval countertops can be used for a single channel, while the small and oval-shape countertops have different sizes.

The oval counter tops, meanwhile, can be placed horizontally, or vertically.


Bean says that the L-shaped countertop countertop will work best for smaller dining tables, but the counter is designed to be able to fit in most standard kitchens.

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