When NHL stars watch the sunrise in their backyard, it’s time to pay them back

The NBA is the NHL’s biggest star power and the NBA playoffs are the best in sports, but for many of the league’s stars, the best time of day is often the night before the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Here are 10 NHL stars who watch the Stanley of Champions at night, whether it’s when they’re in Vegas or at home in Calgary.

#10 Chris Kunitz – Winnipeg Jets (@NHLFlyers) March 13, 2018 The Jets are still the only team in the NHL without a Stanley Cup win since the lockout.

That means Kunitz has had to watch the cup for the first time since he was traded to the Jets.

The Jets are 6-3-0 in his last eight games, which includes a 1-0 overtime win over the Carolina Hurricanes on Tuesday night.

Kunitz, who has five goals and seven points in his past five games, said he has a lot of respect for his teammates and coach, but he does enjoy watching the Stanley Playoffs.

“The fans are always great.

It’s always been great to watch and support my teammates, especially this year, so it’s fun to watch them compete,” Kunitz said.

Kunitz, like many NHL players, will always remember the Stanley Finals as a chance to get a Stanley on his team. “

But yeah, when I get the chance to watch it at home, it was nice to have that luxury.”

Kunitz, like many NHL players, will always remember the Stanley Finals as a chance to get a Stanley on his team.

But he’s also not worried about the team going into the playoffs.

“I know we’ve played in some of the best games we’ve had and the Stanley’s always tough to beat,” Kunz said.

Kubitz, 29, played in his NHL debut on Feb. 13, 2002, and finished the regular season with a goal and three assists in six games.

He has three goals and three points in 12 playoff games, including a game-winner against the Los Angeles Kings on Dec. 20, 2016.

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